Poultry Partners clients have full access to a range of services offered by the team at Poultry Health Services.  These services can be included at no cost to the client based on their program with Poultry Partners.  By working together, the vet and the nutritionist can collectively provide solutions to problems their clients are facing which is a unique process in the Canadian poultry industry.

The health services Poultry Partners provides include but are not limited to:

  • OPG Testing

  • Cocci Scoring

  • Post Mortems

  • Serology

  • Monitoring Mycotoxin Lesions

  • 7 Day Mortality Summary

  • Vaccine Trials

  • Medication Trials

  • Euthanasia Training

  • Welfare Auditing (PAACO)

  • Medication and Vaccine Sales

  • Farm Visits

  • Flock Health Check