Avian Influenza (AI) Update

Avian influenza (AI), commonly known as "bird flu", is a contagious viral infection that can affect several species of food producing birds as well as pet birds and wild birds. AI viruses can be classified into 2 categories: low pathogenicity (LPAI) and high pathogenicity (HPAI) viruses, based on the severity of the illness caused [...]

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Q&A: Inside the new world of poultry health

Insights from Dr. Tom Inglis of Poultry Health Services A new generation of poultry production is taking shape. With it comes a new era in poultry health services. New expectations, new challenges and new opportunities all are coming together, particularly as demand shifts toward an emphasis on more judicious use of antibiotics including antibiotic-free [...]

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Perfect storm of changes drives expanded role for poultry veterinarians

Poultry Health Services a top example of innovative veterinary companies leading the charge AIRDRIE, AB —  As the poultry industry across Canada enters a period of unprecedented modern-era change with the convergence of several big issues and targets for improvement, a major advantage is emerging in the form of innovation-focused veterinary companies that are [...]

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Q&A: Advancing the industry

Discussion with industry expert reveals what’s to come in 2018 and beyond for livestock production Nutrition Partners focuses its business on people first. They achieve this through their three key principles of integrity, respect and transparency. In today’s rapidly evolving livestock sector, it’s important to know from industry experts what is happening and how to [...]

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Fresh pathways to livestock innovation and profitability

Nutrition Partners supporting Canadian producers as marketplace continues to evolve In a rapidly changing landscape of livestock production across Canada one animal nutrition company has been focused on staying ahead of the curve for more than 15 years: Nutrition Partners. The Canadian-based premix formulation and nutrient company has a core commitment to a multi-disciplinary [...]

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Leading the charge on farm animal care

Poultry Partners is a proud supporter of farm animal care progress New knowledge and innovations are transforming the opportunities to support animal care in the poultry industry and across all livestock sectors. Insights on the trends and perspectives in animal care were featured at the recent Livestock Care Conference, hosted by Alberta Farm Animal [...]

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New advances in animal nutrition enter the spotlight

Hot topics drive agenda for Canada’s leading animal nutrition conference May 2-3 in Edmonton How can new science-based knowledge and innovation help Canada’s feed industry build a successful future? What impact will a major regulatory overhaul have on the sector? How will feed industry participants transition to impending new rules which tighten judicious use [...]

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Trending now: Top trends to watch for poultry innovation in 2018

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA — An air of excitement and optimism is setting the tone for poultry production in 2018, as the new year brings fresh thinking and updated, more integrated strategies to help operations stay at the top of their game. Major trends such as reduced antimicrobial use, the rise of branded retailer programs, enhanced [...]

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Integrated Strategies Power a New Future for Poultry Production

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA — A new ‘future of farming’ for commercial poultry production is taking shape as veterinarians, nutritionists and industry experts increasingly combine forces to support operations with enhanced integrated strategies for tackling a raft of new sustainability demands and diversified market opportunities. “There’s no doubt we have entered an important period of evolution [...]

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Preventing Bird Suffering in Turkey Production

(Dr. Ben Schlegel, DVM MAHM, & Dr. Maurice W. Smith, DVM PhD ACPV) It is critical that turkey producers continue to work hard to maintain and enhance consumer confidence in turkey as a nutritious and convenient food choice, especially amongst millennials.  To maintain consumer trust, turkey producers must be Stewards of bird welfare!  In addition [...]

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