Poultry Partners began in 2012 as a combined effort between a premix manufacturer (Nutrition Partners) and a veterinary clinic (Poultry Health Services). At the time Nutrition Partners and Poultry Health Services were sharing office space and they saw a lot of similarities in each others business. The decision was made to go ahead with a joint venture that combined health and nutrition – something that was unique to the Canadian poultry industry.  The combined approach was very well received and Poultry Partners continues to grow and expand throughout the Canadian poultry industry.

Given our unique make-up of nutritionists, veterinarians, tech staff, and management experts we are able to assist in many areas of commercial poultry production.  Our clients are all unique and they range from hatcheries to growers to processing plants.  We create custom programs for our clients based on their challenges or their areas of focus.

To learn more about how Poultry Partners can benefit your business please see our list of services here.