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Poultry Partners can assist it’s clients throughout the production process from the hatchery to the processing plant. ┬áThese services can be included at no charge to client based on their program with Poultry Partners. Our health and nutrition team work together on these tasks to ensure that your individual goals are met.

Our management services include but are not limited to:

  • Dataloggers & Interpretation

  • Feed Pan Seperation

  • Economic Returns

  • Water Flow Measurements

  • Water Quality Testing

  • Infrared Pictures – Ventilation Troubleshooting

  • Scope for Waterlines (pictures & real time video)

  • Biofilm Testing and Disinfectant Sensitivity

  • Farm Visits: Barn and Flock Observations

  • Program Certification and Compliance – CFIA

  • Program Certification and Compliance – Organic

  • Program Certification and Compliance – Non-GMO

  • Program Certification and Compliance – GAP

  • Program Certification and Compliance – RWA

  • Producer Meetings & Info Sessions

  • Goal Setting / Benchmarking

  • Brooding Check

  • AHPD Sales: Equipment, Medications, Disinfectants etc.

  • Employee Training

  • Regulatory Reviews (condemnations, salmonella & campylobacter testing, process review)

  • Plant Welfare (transport, stun, kill, bleed)

  • DOA Programs and Testing

  • Feed Withdrawal Evaluation & ┬áPreharvest Programs

  • Biomapping (intervention evaluation)

  • Biofilm Sanitation Review & Consult

  • Shelf Life & Packaging Microbiology Review

  • Equipment/Process & Plant Development Review